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HKU Summer Institute

Established in 2015, the HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI) provides learning opportunities for secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world. Our programmes are uniquely designed to enable students to explore their academic interests and career pathways while enjoying the summer experience of a lifetime at HKU.

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

As part of the Adventist Health global network, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital (HKAH) is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare to patients in Hong Kong, China, and the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, HKAH offers tailor-made health assessment programs for corporations seeking to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.

HKUMed Undergraduate Admissions

Each year, HKUMed admit almost 640 students across seven programmes, which include the MBBS, BNurs, BChinMed, BPharm, BBiomedSc, BASc(GHD) and BSc(Bioinformatics), and our student body is one of the largest for a single Faculty, totalling more than 4,850 people.


HKUMed 135th?anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on our successes and map the path ahead. In an auspicious start to the celebrations, Clarivate Analytics recently announced that 17 HKUMed scholars had been included on its list of the world’s most highly-cited researchers, a record high for the Faculty.

SOC. Creative Ltd.

SOC. Creative 希望透過創意與專業,為社區創造出與人、空間、環境之間的新連結。我們相信每個空間都有其獨特的故事,由社區到住宅,由品牌到商業,透過我們對室內設計的美感觸覺及靈活空間的詮譯,為使用者帶來耳目一新的全新體驗。

Concord Insurance Company Limited

Concord Insurance Company Limited is authorized to write general insurance business including employees' compensation insurance, motor insurance, fire and marine insurance, and is devoted to developing insurance products that are driven by market needs.


The SPCA is celebrating its 100th anniversary and has joined our title sponsor, ProVet, in hosting Hong Kong’s first human-pet moon appreciation carnival. On the two consecutive nights of the weekend before Mid-Autumn, we will present to you ‘Pawstar Harbour Night’ at the new pet-friendly hotspot, the Wanchai Promenade. We sincerely invite all dog owners together with their furry friends big and small to take a trip to the moon under the most dazzling Victoria Harbour scenery and under the theme of ‘Pawstar Landing’. Let’s experience a night of human-pet bonding and fun!

The donation proceeds will be used to build the largest comprehensive pet-friendly facility in the New Territories.


Canon Corporate Newsletter

The Canon Newsletter showcases wonderful recent events as well as its focus for the coming year. Through this newsletter Canon hope to enhance communications between Canon Hongkong and all Canon valued partners.


St. Paul's Hospital Video

St. Paul’s Hospital is a comprehensive, acute private hospital located at the heart of Causeway Bay. The hospital has advanced facilities which are combined with the modern technology and various on-site support services. These facilities enable our team of caring consultants, specialists and other healthcare professionals to deliver professional service in a friendly and comfortable environment. St. Paul’s Hospital is committed to improving its facilities and personnel training. The spirit of St. Paul’s Hospital is in pursuit of excellence in the provision of service to its clients.

Bee Cheng Hiang

Bee Cheng Hiang takes its root in Singapore in 1933, and nowaday have more than 370 branches over the world. The brand adheres to the principle of customer first with more than 80 years of commitment, to provide customers with the best? products, let them share with their loved ones, and enabling them to experience pleasant moments in their lives.

canon-newsletter-homepage-mobile (1).jpg

Canon News 2020

Canon News is an internal newsletter of Canon Hongkong Company Limited.?It is published by Corporate Communications Division once a year.

canon-newsletter-homepage-mobile (1).jpg

HKBH Ambulatory Medical Centre

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (HKBH) Ambulatory Medical Centre is a one-stop day care medical services under HKBH. Conveniently located at the heart of the Kowloon East CBD, it takes just 5-min walk from the Centre to the nearest MTR Station (Exit B5, Ngau Tau Kok Station).

Tristar Kitchen Limited

TriStar Kitchen, with three shining stars, contains the secret recipe of culinary. Purity, focus and delicacy represents TriStar’s unique flavours, bringing you a great feeling of joy.

Advance Denim Limited

Advance Denim?strive to become the best denim mill in the world. They are passionate about helping business through innovative products and Technologies.

Brand Video Production & English Speaker Speech - Advance Denim

We are all familiar with denim jeans. What about denim? Denim is a rather distant thing to us. We are very used to it, but we know just very little about it.

Toppan Leefung Pte. Ltd.

Toppan Leefung Pte. Ltd., formerly called SNP Corporation, evolved from what was Singapore National Printers Pte. Ltd. This had been the former Singapore Government Printing Office established in 1867 to produce gazettes and other official government publications.


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